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“I Didn’t Want to End Up Like That Rich Aunty that Had to Always Face 2Hrs Traffic just to Receive P*nis – 24yr Old Controversial Blogger, Kisha Mocks Linda Ikeji; Celebrates “1Yr Since She Lost Her V*rginity To Her Husband”

Accesscrib / Uncategorized / “I Didn’t Want to End Up Like That Rich Aunty that Had to Always Face 2Hrs Traffic just to Receive P*nis – 24yr Old Controversial Blogger, Kisha Mocks Linda Ikeji; Celebrates “1Yr Since She Lost Her V*rginity To Her Husband” (26 Views)

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“I Didn’t Want to End Up Like That Rich Aunty that Had to Always Face 2Hrs Traffic just to Receive P*nis – 24yr Old Controversial Blogger, Kisha Mocks Linda Ikeji; Celebrates “1Yr Since She Lost Her V*rginity To Her Husband” by : 8:06 pm On December 22, 2018

Do you remember the article that once went viral by Controversial Blogger, Kisha who was then, 23yrs of age, tagged: “Linda Ikeji’s Predicament Were the Reason Why I Got Married? Yes, the Writer is now 24. Just a few days after celebrating her 1st wedding anniversary, the dramatic Blogger took to her Facebook Handle to also Mark” 1yr since she lost her virginity to her husband” and in turn, Subtly mock Popular Blogger Linda Ikeji who despite her wealth, did not only end in Engaging Herself but also gave birth out of wedlock and dragged to pieces by her acclaimed Baby Daddy.. Lmao. Read for yourself below…

Silence Over! I’m Coming Blunt The Ki Way!!!!

It’s One Year Already Since I “Happily Lost My Virginity” To My Husband ‘in My Matrimonial Home’.. Hahaha

It sounds crazy right? But to everyone who knew me, ‘It would definitely sound Crazier than the Craziest Thing they’ve ever heard’.

In a world where “Moral Delinquencies” reign high, many said it is almost impossible to find a 21st Century Lady whose life revolves around the ‘Crazy Entertainment Industry’, to be fold whole not to mention marrying as “A Virgin”

While reminiscing about our 5yrs Relationship Spell, Hubby Asked me “Was it The Size of the Lion you saw in-betwixt my legs that brushed the Thought of being SEXUALLY Active from your mind or could it be the Kinda Parentage you received or was it just Your Decision to Do this Honourable Thing?????????? Tears rolled down my cheek. Have you ever had one of those beautiful moments when you tend to shade tears for a good cause instead of Laugh???? That was one!!!

What tagged impossible was made possible by two young folks. “I wasn’t a Saint et all”. Started Dating hubby 6Yrs ago during my first year in Uni, Seeing him at least 4 to 5 times in a season was OK to me then cos of course ‘I was acting movies and at the same time a Rapper’ so “Like a train my Life was on Move”. Had a crazy crew, Partied All the way, Dad had to deal with a lot of shit… Lmao but hey, just like many would say; it’s just juvenile delinquencies playing out but does that imply that A Youth shouldn’t have conscience?????? No!

Though I was just a girl but I knew I had a Life, Target And A Mission.

While in search of an honourable means of living, I found out that a lot of things were more honourable than others and would in turn, earn me my desired respect.

The worst thing that could happen to any, is for one to trade his or her prestige for mundane things. Very Bad especially to someone like me whose intent is to climb past the highest ladders[You know what that means] and in order to escape that, I studied the game carefully.

Like the storm, I made my foray into the Entertainment industry. I knew it wasn’t an angels ground. We sin in different ways and it doesn’t makes us any better from others but this one sin “S*X Before Marriage” was a no no for Ki.

Didn’t just want to live the “Social Media Life.” To me, I believed it was very much possible to go through the tunnel of flames and still come out without blemish.

“I had a target, I made a skitch of what My Future would look like so i came prepared. I Didn’t want to end up like that creepy Liar who finds joy in deception. I didn’t want to end up like that Rich Aunty that had to constantly face 2 hours traffic just to receive Penis”…. Lmao 😁😁

Surely, it is called Life and since “Life Happens”, do we not give prudence a trial?

Oh! Things that comes with modernity have caused! Folks be forming Class but in reality they’ve got No class, No Religious or Cultural value even the little morals now twisted just because you wish to belong. Not surprised. I’m not surprised et Al but how do we salvage this generation from following such a deceitful lead?

We hit the road on a quest to Prove through experimental processes that even amongst those you’ve ascribed ‘Lost/Good Girl Gone Bad’ there’s still hope for this generation.

Worked so hard on becoming my Own Boss, Made a little Change and even at the peak of My Career, I ensured that I never forgot this chapter of the Bible ‘Hebrews 13:4’.

For those who would say; so Kisha you didn’t bother to taste before committing herself? Lmao… Yes, I didn’t and the turn out wasn’t bad at all. ‘My Dear, it didn’t just happen.

“Life is to you, what you make of it”. You don’t sow corn and expect to rip Cassava! No. In fact, your own corn may even grow in the worst way…. Lmao 🤣🤣

Yes, I preferred to bond mentally and intellectually. I know my lover for who he truly is.

Sex in relationship is so overrated that most times, the survival of most Affairs is dependent on Whether or Not you spread your legs metres apart but the big question is “After It, What Next”? In fact, “BEFORE YOU GET YOUR FIT SEXUALLY, YOUR THING MUST HAVE SLACKED A PALM WINE TAPPER’s SLIPPERS…. LMAO 🤣😂😂

On the Other Hand is an element so Underrated but essential. It is called *Peace Of mind.* It gives the man the metal stability to function like a turbo engine with all the cylinders firing at optimum level.

“I won’t deny, it was tough but what more do I need? I’ve got My Mum and A Super Dad and 3 great brothers whose presence and friendship thought me everything I needed to know in order to navigate my way past this Fuck Boys“.

I undeniably, Had my fair share of my stakes but yet I found myself a friend who loved me boyond my misdeeds and weaknesses. As a singer, I can remember leaving home for a show around 9:30pm to 10. Though mum and dad weren’t pleased with that late hour move but what would they do? Shout at me? Beat me? No, but even if they do, what would it change?

Hubby who was my then boyfriend would always complain and show his disapproval but hey, ‘I was making a career out of it’ so what would it change??? In fact, irrespective of the fact that he wasn’t OK with me being out by that time, he would still recharge, put a call through and guess what? “He wouldn’t want me to end it till he’s certain that I’ve reached”.

Though he’s just 5yrs Older than I but he was more and nothing less than “My Big Brother”. We joke, we fight, we run all over the place and even though we never went canal but he was perfect for me.

I still remember him telling me during our 2nd year of courtship “Bae, I Don’t Want US to be Hiding or Keep this relationship in Secrecy while we’re dating”. With what we have, I want to be able to come to your Father’s house with all boldness, Tell your Family that I’m Your Boyfriend and be welcomed”… Lmao 🤣🤣(Can you imagine? This Man wan put me for trouble o… Hahaha)

We got engaged after 2yrs, Family wouldn’t dare to let us settle so we imployed strategic measures to follow it up besides I was still in school while he was just 26yrs as at then and yet to make real money. Lol…

Left home and fast forward to 2018, Boo Returned and guess what? Instead of going straight to see maybe his mum or siblings, He Flew Straight to the State to see not just me but also my Family and this time, nothing is stopping him….(You see the reward of deligence and Honesty?) Hahaha

Our wedding took place In less than one week of his return! Are you shocked to hear that?👅 Please don’t b3.. Remember that I mentioned earlier that “Life don’t just happen! It was in my case that I realised that Life is to you, what you make of it”

The period he was away, was my most challenging years. I took that time to find myself, acquire more knowledge and build my brand and to add to that, many men were at my door already. In fact, I was a must have in most young men’s priority list. It was almost impossible yet I managed to escape “whole”. Did I also mention that I was supportive to his success there??… Lmao

Now, tell me, if it were you, what wouldn’t you do for this Lady that have proven to be from a Class of Her own???? 🤷🏾‍♀

I didn’t even stop at that. It was after My Wedding that my own shakara even started… Lmao. What girls were rushing, risking and killing themselves for became what Kisha was running away from. Now, it was dawn on me that after all these years of abstinence, after all the risk taken to avoid *Sex*, I am finally married and would be experiencing what it looked like and in the long run, it would even be done like it food… Lol.

After the trad, I refused to follow Hubby home… Lmao. Just like my Cousin Brother Henry Ahamefula would say, ‘if it were him, he wouldn’t let me’ but wait o.. Which man on earth would?

The next day, I refused to travel to my New Home neither did I in the second day. On the Third day, My started Shouting ooooooo… Nwa m Biko buru ibu gi lawa nu o…. Owuzi mu n’ gi ga na ashiazi Di mu ka owu gini nu…. 🤷🏾‍♀😂😂

Silly of me right? Lmao… How then will you feel if I tell u that after guy Man Flew directly to the state hoping that I would welcome him with my in-between, he was shocked beyond bone marrow when I refused letting His ‘Moses’ part my red sea…. Hehehe. Oya kwa, guy man maintained, did d needful and yet wifey wan still do am longer throat???????…. Lmao

Hubby Like No Other. My Love, My Brother, My Husband and my Best friend, I Appreciate you Sir. I might have seemed selfish but Your Patience and Confidence Entrusted in me, wasn’t a waste.

Thank You Bestie For Letting Me Be Me and Live Me. Henry Ehichioy I love You Endlessly….

I’m Dropping this here cos I know that certainly, this piece might help somebody somewhere…

I’m Kisha
Publisher of AMIBO ISLAND BLOG AND MAGAZINE & Also the Executive Manager of #RoyalEmpireRecords/Ent [RERE]


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