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The Labour Room (02)

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The Labour Room (02) by : 9:08 am On June 14, 2019

Here is my Pregnancy and the Labour room part too.

I had been hearing of supernatural childbirth but I didn’t key into it until my First trimester was over. My first trimester was filled with all the symptoms, from morning sickness to nausea to vomiting to lack of appetite. I was always so weak. I couldn’t eat even when I managed to cook. My kitchen which used to be my favoirite place in the house became disgusting to me

. Whew!!
Even outside food that I thought would be okay, I would just eat very little and throw away the rest. I became so skinny

My second trimester was better, I started eating well and gained a little weight. At one of my antenatal appointments, I was told my baby was in breech position but it was normal since the baby was still small and it would turn when I’m close to my due date. I was almost scared but I kept on reassuring myself with confessions from the book “Supernatural Childbirth” by Jackie Maze.

My family had to relocate during this second trimester so we had a 12-hours road trip. It was tiring. In fact at a point our car entered a big pot hole and I feared for my baby because of the big impact felt. The next day I didn’t feel my baby kicking so I checked online and I saw that it was normal after a long trip for that to happen. I rested well that day and the first kick I felt, I was so happy that I had to call my husband to inform him that my baby kicked oo .

I went on to register for antenatal in a new hospital. It was a smooth sail all through. I went for another scan and I saw my baby had moved to the right position.. Head facing down.

At 36 weeks I had my final scan and I was told my baby’s estimated weight was 3.2kg. I was praying in my mind that my baby should not be too big when he wanted to come out as I have a small stature

In fact I was waiting for my baby to come a week before my due date…No show..Uncle was chilling inside..My due date came.. No show.. Two days after my due date, the braxton hicks contractions came more often and at night around 7pm, I had just eaten hot amala and ogbono soup , I noticed the contractions were coming on another level so I started walking around my sitting room. I managed to sleep a little.. Woke up at 12 midnight. The contractions were coming steadily, lasting for 30 seconds every 10 minutes. Whenever I felt the contraction, I would switch on the fan and switch off after the contraction ended. This continued till around 3 am..

The fan went off permanently. I stood up and started walking around. I felt something drop so I checked and it was the bloody show. I waited till around 4 am when I saw it was increasing. Woke my husband up, had my bath and woke my MIL up to start preparing for hospital.

We left for the hospital at 5am, got there in less than 15 minutes. I was checked and I was just 2 cm dilated. Now that checking thing is not for the faint hearted.

The doctor that first checked me was like “this one isn’t ready yet” I told her ” ”ma please be gentle with me oo, It’s my first time oo” I was admitted since I wasn’t staying close to the hospital. I was being checked again and again till around 3pm that I became 5cm dilated. Then I was transferred to the labour ward. My brothers and sisters I threw up the pap I took in the morning and I didn’t eat anything since then.

So I said let me drink small lucozade boost for strength since I wanted to go and push. I got to the labour ward, removed everything I was wearing and got into their robe. As I laid down, I threw up all the lucozade boost I drank earlier

on the floor before they could get a bucket to me. I was apologizing to the cleaner and the midwives and nurses there were saying that’s why they usually say people shouldn’t eat before coming into the labour ward. I was checked again… 5 cm.

I kept praying and confessing… “Fear wouldn’t take over me. Jesus has taken my pains and sorrows away.
I was going to have a supernatural childbirth. Perfect love casteth out fear”.

After a while, a doctor who had also checked me earlier and saw my fear fear reaction came again. I said nooo he shouldn’t check me. He recognized me and told the other staff inside there though not to my hearing that it looks like I’ll birth through CS… He told them to include something in my drip.. My contractions became more intense, no breaks. I couldn’t turn from my left side that I was laying down with. When I said I wanted to pee, hoping they would allow me to stand up.. For where?.. the nurse brought a catheter to get the urine out.

This happened thrice. I was told turning would slow down the progress I was making. My baby’s heartbeat was checked. Normal. The nurse told me I shouldn’t push until I was told to do so and at every contraction and urge I felt I should breathe with my mouth, that I would feel better. The doctor then came and checked me and said he was feeling only blood and not the baby’s head….you say what?..

My baby’s heartbeat was checked again and I didn’t hear anything. My heart skipped a beat. The monitor was misbehaving. Nurse kept checking.I said a prayer in my heart. After a few minutes, I heard the heartbeat.

Whew! She later came to give me an injection that it was to ease the pain and introduced another into the drip. My brethren in the Lord and on the blog…na lie oo..I started feeling the urge to poo. I started shouting.. “Ah this pain isn’t reducing oo, I want to poo poo”

They said I shouldn’t push yet or I would tear my cervix. I tried keeping my legs together tightly to stop me from pushing. So finally when it was time to push, I was told to push whenever I felt the urge. First push, baby crowned, second push, baby’s head was out. I didn’t feel the urge to push again and my baby’s shoulder was hanging I was hearing someone say…”Blood of Blood of Jesus”. I heard the doctor asking “should I intervene?” Next thing I felt was a sharp pain..silence..”Nurse, you cut me?” She replied “Yes I cut you oo”..push madam…

I breathed with my mouth and one last push. The doctor had joined them now.. turned my baby and helped pull him out… I saw the baby..I heard him cry..I was asked..” What did you give birth to?” I replied
with tears “boy” he was carried away to be cleaned.

It was then I started crying and thanking God. They were now asking me that why was I crying now when I didn’t cry since.. I should reserve my strength and be thanking God because He really loves me. I was later stitched by the same doctor and we were even gisting as he was doing it. I later found out what happened was shoulder dystocia. And I would have lost my baby if not for God’s intervention through the staff on duty. Baby boy came out weighing 3.35kg at exactly 6.14pm

It was really a supernatural childbirth.

You can send in yours via email: or


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